Living History at Old Sturbridge Village


We spent the day at Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. I love places like this that bring history to life. Being able to talk to people in historical character in everyday settings has a special way of making history real.


Caleb and Josh learning about cooking in the early 1800s


Tiny houses with beds in the living room

The village has some unique buildings. There is a carding mill that takes raw wool and turns it into textile that is ready to be run through a spinning wheel. Similar to a grist mill, the carding machine runs off of water power.


The carding mill still works even though it’s about 250 years old

There are hundreds of amazing artifacts from the era. Of special interest to us were the collection of rifles, muskets, and even a blunderbuss. We also came across a drum.


We found Gabriel Cooper’s drum, or at least one similar to what Gabriel might have had in my book, The Drum of Destiny

Old Sturbridge Village is a great place to visit. They also have a wonderful bookstore where you can find The Drum of Destiny. It was a pleasure signing books and spending time learning more about New England history. Never stop learning!


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