Fun at the Fort


Our family loves going to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon at Fort Ouiatenon along the banks of the Wabash River near West Lafayette, Indiana.  Ouiatenon was a French fort established in 1717 to help prevent British westward expansion.  It also served as a trading outpost along the Wabash River.  The Feast celebrates the mid-1700’s time period in this frontier area, with period costumes and drum and fife corps.

Cannon demonstrations are always exciting.  There is nothing like hearing the boom of cannon firing.  These cannon are shot out over the Wabash River, but no actual cannonballs are used in the firing.


Lighting the cannon



Drum and fife music fill the air with traditional period marches.

There are even a few bagpipes to be found in this Scottish battalion


Canvass tents for the reenactors add to the mid-1700s feel

As much as our family loves history, this is a great way to go back in time.  For more information about The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon and Fort Ouiatenon, check out the Tippecanoe County Historical Society’s Website at

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